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Tires are rim shaped pneumatically inflated structures which provide a flexible cushion and are also capable of absorbing shocks if rolled over a rough or uneven surface. Tires are mainly made up of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric, wire, carbon black and other chemical compounds. There are different types of tires designed, depending upon the weather, road, and many other conditions across the globe. All the tire sizes and brands are available at our shop. We at Sky Tire deal in all kinds of tires and related services.


New Tires

Sky Tire provides a complete range of tires from all the brands available around. All the new tires supplied are branded and best in quality. We also deal in all the possible size ranges available in the market.


Old Tires

Sky Tire also provides the customer with the option of buying old and used tires. We sell used tires of different sizes in good condition. These tires are budget-friendly and can be maintained in the long run.


Winter Tires

Winter Tyres are also known as “Snow Tire”. These tires are specifically designed for use on snow and ice. The tread design in these tires is different from those of conventional tires. These tires are designed and optimized to drive at temperatures below seven-degree celsius.


All Weather Tires

All-weather tires are ideal for use in areas that see mild temperatures and occasional snow. These tires stay soft and provide grip and temperatures above and below seven-degree celsius. These tires have tread gaps smaller than snow tires and larger than conventional tires.